Activities and Accommodation in Namibia

Activities and Accommodation in Namibia

Book Namibia is aimed at making your choice of activities and accommodation in Namibia as easy as a click away with a fully comprehensive, up-to-date website that lists everything you need to make your stay in Namibia an unforgettable one.

We make finding information regarding 4×4 and car hire in Namibia as well as tour and safari operators as simple as possible in order to plan a memorable Namibian holiday.  No matter where you go in Namibia you will meet up with people from all around the world, whether they are travelling in tour buses or rented 4×4’s, in search of the same mystery and sense of history that draws visitors back to this beautiful country time and time again.

Conservation is treated very seriously in Namibia in order to retain its pristine beauty due to the many visitors that flock to this vast country year after year, once you have spent time here you will understand just why it is essential to preserve the beauty and history for future generations.

From north to south, east to west, no matter where you travel in Namibia, you are guaranteed to have your breath taken away.  A short drive away from Dune 45 you are able to park and take a ride in one of the open-style safari shuttles into Sossusvlei, where you are left to take yourself on a  walk into a world that is hard to describe if you have never been there.  You are allowed to take your own 4×4 vehicle into the area but if you are not comfortable negotiating the soft desert sand then grab a shuttle.

There is no doubt that the experience of standing in a forest of petrified trees that are 900 years old is one that visitors from every nation in the world find unforgettable.  Namibia should be on every bucket list, and in order to make it even easier to plan your accommodation in Namibia, the team from Book Namibia have collated the most relevant and up-to-date information on one user-friendly website. Finding the perfect accommodation in Namibia could not be easier.

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