Charly’s Swakopmund Desert Tours

Charly’s Swakopmund Desert Tours

We’d like to introduce you to Charly’s Swakopmund Desert Tours – the oldest safari enterprise in Swakopmund with almost half a century of travel experience. Sporting well equipped cars and professional, warm hearted and extremely friendly tour guides we offer tours and excursions countrywide along with lots of activities around Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Due to their experience, you can count on amazing and unforgettable tours throughout Namibia and they are proud to show their guests the magic of our beautiful country. Come with us and enjoy the breath taking landscapes of Namibia with Charly’s Desert Tours!

Living Dunes Experience ( 8h30 – 12h00 )

Join us on an extraordinary exploration of the coastal dune belt just outside Swakopmund. To the untrained eye the dunes are just a pile of sand, however our skilled and experienced guides will introduce you to a wealth of life. Track Palmato Gecko’s, Sanddiving Lizards, and the famous fog-basking Tok-Tokkie beetle, Sidewinder Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions and Chameleons. This 3 hour exploration will be rounded of with a short dune drive.

This tours departs with a minimum of 2 adult guests.Full day Sand and Rock ( 8h30 – 18h00 )

Many of our guests choose to do the “Living Dunes Experience” in the morning, come back to town for a leisurely lunch at own costs, and then join “The Namib Desert Tour” in the afternoon. This option offers the chance of seeing and experiencing the dunes, the vast open gravel Plains and the spectacular Moon landscape. The morning explores the little creatures, while the afternoon offers an exploration of the botanical side of the desert.

Namib Desert Tour (Half day tour)

Our way from Swakopmund to one of the oldest deserts in the world leads us at first past the old steam engine „Martin Luther” which was thought to be a replacement for the ox wagons in 1896.
The dry Swakop contains a lot of ground water that’s why some olive and vegetable farmers as well as sport activity providers have settled in the area along the river bed. Our exploration takes all along the Swakop River and the ancient canyons to discover the multitude of desert adaped and fascinating palnt life.We drive along the Swakop river bed and discover in this wide, ruff area beautiful minerals, „living stones” and ages old plants like the prehistoric Welwitschia mirabilis.
The geological history of Namibia lies in front of us like an open book, and as the Namib Desert is close to the Atlantic coast it shows a unique flora. Lichens and rare Nara plants match perfectly with the climate and we hope to be lucky to see antelopes or an ostrich family. The Swakop dry river is also the home of springboks, jackals and all kinds of birds.


  • We will pick you up at your Hotel/Pension/Private address and bring you back after the tour

Departure is at 8h30 and at 14h00

Duration: 4 hours

  • You will guided by an experienced guide.
  • On all tours you will receive refreshments on the way.
  • This tours departs with a minimum of 2 adult guests.

Swakopmund City Tour

We take a short journey through time. Starting with an exploration of Swakopmund’s colorful history, with its well maintained buildings from the colonial era. We venture into modern day Swakopmund to find out just what Swakopmund is to the local people from all groups of our society. We drive via luxury beachfront homes and travel into the townships looking at property prices, income statistics and living standards. At the end of this 1.5 hour long tour we take a glance into the history to see how Swakopmund may develop in the future. Swakopmund yesterday, today and tomorrow is exactly what this tour is all about.

This tour departs twice daily from Swakopmund at 8h30 and at 14h00.

This tours departs with a minimum of 2 adult guests.

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