Explore Exclusive Areas of the Namib Desert

Explore Exclusive Areas of the Namib Desert

There is something other-worldly about the Namib Desert; this wonderful and quite stunning expanse of sand is said to be the oldest desert on earth, and to visit it is to experience something not available anywhere else on the planet. There is a reason why the desert has World Heritage Site status, and also why some areas can only be visited by special request. At Book Namibia, the leading name in advice and information on visiting this amazing country, we can put you in touch with the only people who can get you exclusive entry to the concession areas, and it really is an experience not to be missed.

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The Namib Desert is unique, and is famous for the towering sand dunes that are thought to be the tallest on the planet. Visit with the specialist operators that we at Book Namibia can point you to and you will be walking in areas that only a few people are allowed to visit in a given year, and there is nothing more exclusive anywhere else in the world. This is a place of wonder, of diverse landscapes and amazing sights, and we can help you get there.

Book Namibia also carries a wealth of information on basic travel tips in Namibia, safari and tour operators, 4xr4 hire companies and accommodation, and we recommend that you visit our site if you are considering visiting our beloved country, or if you have booked and want more information on things to see and do. For anyone who harbours an interest in the history of the Earth there is nothing close to visiting a place that has been as it is for as many as 80million years, so have a closer look at Book Namibia now, and we will be proud to add you to our list of satisfied, awe-struck visitors to our beautiful country.

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