Indulge yourself in the safari of a lifetime in Namibia with the best information on one website.

Indulge yourself in the safari of a lifetime in Namibia with the best information on one website.

Namibia is a vast land of stunning contrasts and teeming wildlife wrapped in the warm embrace of the Namib Desert along its wild coastline, which is considered to be the only true desert in Southern Africa and is roughly between 55 – 80 million years old, and the Kalahari Desert on the north-east borders of this massive country. These historic deserts and everything in-between make Namibia one of the most unique countries to visit in Africa.

Except for several small settlements in the North and Central Region, the Namib is has remained almost completely uninhabited by humans, and also has the second highest sand dunes in the world after the Badain Jaran Desert dunes in China, which reach up to 300 metres and stretch for up to 32 kilometres across this vast expanse of desert. The Namib Desert is home to many more endemic species than any other desert in the world.

Going on safari in the Namib Desert is an unforgettable experience, and in order to make sure that you have your pick of choice accommodation at the many camps that are scattered throughout the Namib as well as the choice of many safari and tour operators experienced in the region, Book Namibia has made choosing the perfect kind of safari experience you would like to have a simple exercise.

The plant and wildlife species that live in the Namib have adapted uniquely to survive this dry and arid expanse, from the lions of Namibia, who have adapted to the northern Namib Desert with its abundant wildlife, to the ‘desert’ Elephants who have adapted to this arid, inhospitable climate, with their ability to go for days without water.  The only difference between these ‘desert’ Elephants and other African Elephants is that they have developed larger feet to make it easier to move across soft sand, while they survive on the moisture they get from the vegetation they eat.

With the research and up-to-date information that Book Namibia has compiled, you are able to send enquiries or bookings directly to each lodge, hotel or guest house, and we make it even easier with the various icons used on the website that denote which services and amenities are on offer at each establishment. With the highest rate of repeat visitors for any country worldwide, Namibia has so much to offer that you will want to return to explore even more of this diverse, completely unique country and Book Namibia will connect you with the best accommodation, Namibia safari companies and activities available.

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