Harnas Guest Farm

Gobabis & Surrounds | Namibia

Harnas Guest Farm

Gobabis & Surrounds | Namibia

Preserving Wildlife, Embracing Culture in Namibia

Harnas Wildlife Foundation and Guest Farm, nestled in the heart of Namibia, is a sanctuary for wildlife and a unique cultural hub. Founded in 1978, the foundation originated from the compassionate act of rescuing a vervet monkey. Since then, Harnas has been committed to protecting the magnificent wildlife of Namibia and preserving the ancient San culture​.

As a guest at Harnas, one can expect a luxury experience, with beautifully built stone cottages that blend decadence and rustic appeal​​. The farm serves as a protective shield for the lives of the Ancient San people and conflict animals, making your stay at Harnas meaningful and impactful. Additionally, Harnas offers an exceptional volunteer program, allowing individuals to make a difference by contributing to animal care and the San community​​.

Located near Gobabis, Harnas provides a range of activities that immerse guests in the captivating nature of Namibia and the enchanting traditions of the San people. From exciting feeding tours that allow you to observe large carnivores up close, to a leisurely sundowner drive that lets you witness the beauty of Namibian sunsets, there’s no shortage of adventures at Harnas​.

Beyond wildlife, Harnas fosters an authentic connection with the local San community. It offers experiences such as the Ancient San Skills Academy, where guests can delve into the olden culture, survival techniques, and traditional medicines of the San people​.. Evenings spent under Namibia’s starry skies listening to San stories, or nights immersed in their traditions, add a distinct layer of cultural richness to your stay at Harnas​​.


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Morning Feeding Tour
Baboon Experience
The Ancient San Skills Academy
Ancient San Stories under the Stars
Hunting with the San,
Night out with the San

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