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Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours

N$90.00. per adult.
N$55.00 for children between 6-14 years of age.
Young children & babies no charge.

Guided Ghost Town Tours to Kolmanskop | Luderitz

Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours is located deep in the south of Namibia just outside of Luderitz. Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours offer guided tours to a deserted former German colonial town that was once a hive of bustling activity and riches. Today Kolmanskop is deserted and has become a popular tourist attraction. Kolmanskop Ghost Town is situated about 10 km’s inland from Luderitz. With the passing of many years and the harsh desert-like conditions and the constant wearing away from the ever-present sand, the town of Kolmanskop is a sad reminder of its former glory. Instead, it now offers a fascinating insight into the lives of its former inhabitants.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours offers a guided tour into the history and the story of Kolmanskop which started in 1908. It all began with the discovery of a sparkling stone found amongst the sand near a railway line. A man by the name of August Stauch became convinced this stone was a diamond. The news spread rapidly, and this German town grew rather quickly. The new settlers built many new houses and soon a hospital, ballroom, power station, school and theatre followed.

This little town continued to prosper until the 1920s. After World War 1 Kolmanskop started fading away and was abandoned. That was the year that diamond prices crashed and more importantly richer diamond deposits were discovered further south. People began to move to Oranjemund. After 40 years of Kolmanskop, it sadly became completely deserted and died out. Today it is a ghost town, with crumbling ruins. De Beers restored several buildings in 1980 and established a museum, which is now a tourist attraction. Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours was established to give visitors an insight into the former glory years of this now abandoned little town. There are no more diamonds to be found at Kolmanskop.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours offer guided tours which provide insight into the history of the former mining town, the diamond industry back then and of today. We also have guided safaris to Lüderitz. At the museum, we have a restaurant with all sorts of food and drinks. For more dramatic photographs, we recommend going either at sunrise or sunset.

This tour is considered the most popular activity around Luderitz and booking is advisable.

Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tour Times:

  • Monday to Saturday: 09:30 & 11:00
  • Sunday & Public Holiday: 10:00 (only one tour)
  • Ghost Town Tours are in German and English and last between 45 – 60 minutes
  • We can also arrange a visit and tour of Goerke House

We also highly recommend that you do a Luderitz Boat Cruise to Halifax Island.


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10 kilometres inland from the port town of Lüderitz, Namibia

Amenities of Kolmanskop Ghost Town Tours:

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Reception Services

  • Tour Desk
  • Languages spoken: English, Afrikaans
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Food & Drink

  • Restaurant (on-site)
  • Bar (on-site)