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N/a’an ku sê Activity Centre

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With its ideal location close to the city of Windhoek, the N/a’an ku sê Activity Centre is the perfect platform for day visitors to experience the best of our bustling wildlife sanctuary and tranquil reserve.

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast or lunch on the deck overlooking the vast African bush veld, before embarking on a variety of tours and activities tailored to let guests embrace the spirit of N/a’an ku sê. Join our habituated chacma baboon troops for a walk that you no doubt will never forget. Why not experience the ethereal beauty of cheetahs or a caracal and join either of these incredible carnivores as they romp on the reserve? Meet those predators needing to remain in captivity due to their habituation on a carnivore feeding tour, and a behind-the-scenes tour with N/a’an ku sê founder and one of Namibia’s most well-known conservationists, Marlice van Vuuren, explains the complexities of the conservation work we undertake. And don’t miss our Ancient San Skills Academy, where the secrets of the world’s most ancient culture are revealed.

A swimming pool, bar and spacious restaurant complete the comforts of the Activity Centre, making it your home away from home… even if just for a day.  



Amenities of N/a’an ku sê Activity Centre: