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N/a’an ku sê Foundation / Conservation

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The Naankuse Foundation – dedicated to the conservation of Namibia’s wildlife, landscapes and unique cultures. After all, these three aspects are inextricably linked, with habitat vital to wildlife, and people being the ultimate custodians of Mother Earth.

Caring for and rehabilitating animals removed from conflict situations is an area of prime concern, with the Naankuse Foundation striving to return them to the wild whenever possible. Only those animals too habituated to humans, ill or injured remain at the sanctuary, their natural needs being carefully considered, tending away from the feeling of “captivity” – instead creating an environment where their instinctive behaviours are nurtured and encouraged. 

In a bid to facilitate a peaceful co-existence between man and wild, the area of human-wildlife conflict is researched and subsequently tackled as intensively as possible. Scientific data resulting from the GPS collaring of wild carnivores and African elephants provides a platform from which to systematically address the complex facets of conflict. Naankuse’s conflict mitigation research has prevented the persecution of countless magnificent felines and is further abetting the plight of so many of Namibia’s threatened wildlife species.

Conservation of habitat is being tackled through the Naankuse Forest Conservation Revegetation Project, and our varied humanitarian programs are fighting those factors contributing to the otherwise continued suffering of Namibia’s San community – a lack of education and insufficient access to healthcare.

Naankuse’s Clever Cubs School provides free education, the vital springboard for a better future, while the Lifeline Clinic in Namibia’s rural east ensures that medical treatment is administered to some 3,500 San patients annually. The clinic’s outreach program carries crucial care to remote communities, and the weekly feeding program stills the hunger of 120 people per session.  

Simultaneously, the preservation of the world’s most ancient culture in a modern age is paramount. Naankuse’s Ancient San Skills Academy provides so much more than the unique opportunity for guests to witness and participate in age-old traditions. Young San children at risk of losing their heritage are exposed to the culture of their forefathers, keeping magnificent skills alive.

The Naankuse Foundation – conserving today that which ensures tomorrow.

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