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Namibian Art


At Namibian Art you will find the most amazing ideas, beliefs, memories and special moments captured in Namibia, in different types of art. We opened a website that gives a journey of visual pleasure. All you need to do, is browse our gallery and place an order.

We have hand-made crafts, music from our local artists, leather, sketches, paintings, mixed art, photography and literature. Our artists recreate the core of our shared livelihood, nation, beauty and hearts’ desires. They are motivated to show the joys of our nation, the pains of progress and the poverty and freedoms of tradition and the majesty of our animals.

The work of our hands is a project that helps women in Okahandja, and creates jobs. It promotes self-sufficiency and supports them who make the jewellery from ceramic beads and wire. It helps unemployed women to create a vital income stream for themselves. For every jewellery piece sold online, you can help a woman or family with a means of survival.


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Situated in Windhoek, Namibia

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