Onguma Leadwood Campsite

Etosha & Surrounds | Namibia

Onguma Leadwood Campsite

Etosha & Surrounds | Namibia

Leadwood Campsite: A Unique Etosha Camping Experience

Located on the eastern border of Etosha National Park in Namibia, Leadwood Campsite offers a unique and private camping experience. This campsite, part of the Onguma Nature Reserve, provides six well-facilitated camps, each with its shower, toilet, wash-up area, and PowerPoint. Surrounded by large, shady trees, these campsites offer the perfect blend of comfort and wilderness.

Leadwood Campsite not only offers an ideal camping setting but also ensures various activities to make your stay memorable. Guests can embark on thrilling Etosha Drives and Onguma Sunset Drives, indulge in interpretive bush walks, or unwind with massage therapy. All these activities, however, need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment.

The campsite also houses a large reception area at Onguma Bush Camp, and guests can book meals at the Onguma Bush Camp restaurant, depending on availability. By choosing Leadwood Campsite, guests choose an experience that combines the joys of camping with the convenience of well-facilitated services, all while immersed in Namibia’s stunning landscapes.

Why choose Leadwood Campsite? If you’re seeking a camping experience that’s private, well-serviced, and located in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Namibia, Leadwood Campsite is your answer. With its excellent amenities, various activities, and stunning surroundings of the Onguma Nature Reserve and Etosha National Park, Leadwood Campsite is a top choice for memorable camping experiences in Namibia.



Own shower
Wash-up area
Power point





Reception Services

Large reception area at Onguma Bush Camp


Food Drink

Restaurant at Onguma Bush Camp (meals can be booked at reception based on availability)



Six private and shaded campsites



Etosha Drives
Onguma Sunset Drives
Interpretive Bush Walks

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