Timbila Nature Reserve – Farmstead

Omaruru & Surrounds | Namibia

Timbila Nature Reserve – Farmstead

Omaruru & Surrounds | Namibia

Experience Authentic Namibian Farm Life

Venture into the heart of Namibia’s pristine countryside with a stay at TimBila Farmstead, where traditional farm life is intertwined with contemporary comfort. The transition from the bustling city life to the tranquil ambiance of farm life offers a rejuvenating escape. Here, awaken the farmer within by engaging in daily farm routines. Milk the cows as the sun rises, collect fresh eggs for breakfast, and harvest organic vegetables straight from the garden patch. Each activity is a step closer to nature, a rhythm syncing with the heartbeat of the land.
The farmhouse, overlooking the tranquil Mount Etjo mountains, stands as a haven of modern comfort amidst rustic surroundings. This self-catering abode is designed to pamper its guests with luxurious amenities while offering a canvas of nature’s best views. Ideal for gatherings with family or friends, the farmhouse can comfortably house 12 guests. Each room carries a unique charm, showcasing a blend of elegant decor and cozy ambiance. The opulent kitchen is a call for culinary explorations, while the outdoor braai area sets the stage for memorable evenings under the vast Namibian sky.

But the farmstead experience goes beyond the stay. It’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the simple yet fulfilling farm life. Every corner of TimBila Farmstead is a journey back to the basics, an opportunity to appreciate the unpretentious beauty of life. Here, every moment is a story, every activity a memory etched in time. Whether it’s the joy of baking bread in the traditional way or the thrill of a mountain biking adventure through the trails, the experiences are as endless as they are enriching.

TimBila Farmstead is not just an accommodation; it’s a doorway to a lifestyle rooted in simplicity, nature, and authentic Namibian culture. The array of farm activities, the comfort of modern amenities, and the embrace of nature come together to craft an experience that is as enriching as it is unique. Here, the day starts with the crow of the rooster and ends with the crackling of the braai under a starlit sky. And in between, a plethora of farm life experiences await to be discovered, each promising a genuine taste of Namibia’s pastoral charm.


Food Drink

Self Catering



Swimming pool



Bird Watching
Hiking trail
Mountain bike trails
Livestock Experience
Sheep and goat care
Bird Nesting Experience
Agriculturist Experience
Earthworm Experience,
Poultry Farming Experience

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