Zebra River Lodge

Naukluft Mountains | Namibia

Zebra River Lodge

Naukluft Mountains | Namibia

Discover Tranquility Amid Namibia's Dramatic Scenery

Zebra River Lodge is a serene retreat deep within southern Namibia’s Tsaris Mountains. The lodge has been providing guests with a unique, nature-focused experience for almost two decades and is situated on a 12,500-hectare private farm marked by captivating landscapes. Visitors are welcomed with Namibian hospitality and are invited to relish in the lodge’s tranquil surroundings, where the soothing silence of nature is the main soundtrack​.

The lodge is a haven for nature lovers, offering various activities such as hiking over vast plateaus and deep canyons, where guests can encounter a rich diversity of birds and antelopes. The nearby mountains are home to zebras which can be observed in their natural habitat, adding to the genuine safari experience. A recently constructed waterhole attracts more wildlife, such as zebras and kudus, making Zebra River Lodge an excellent spot for wildlife observation.

Not only does Zebra River Lodge offer opportunities for wildlife encounters, but it also serves as a focal point for scientific interest. The lodge is internationally recognized for having the oldest fossils of stromatolites and namacalatus – the first living organisms with a shell – discovered anywhere in the world. This makes the lodge an appealing destination for geologists and archaeologists from around the globe who wish to explore and document these unique features.

Finally, Zebra River Lodge is renowned for its delicious cuisine. Guests can enjoy homemade bread, farm-style comfort food, and a superb selection of South African wines. Meals can be savoured under the cool veranda during summer or by the warm fireplace during winter, offering a gastronomic experience to remember. With its diverse offerings and serene surroundings, Zebra River Lodge provides an unforgettable Namibian expertise that goes beyond a typical stay.



Double or triple en suite rooms
Rock chalets
Honeymoon suite
Standard / family rooms



Ensuite bathrooms


Reception Services

Tour desk
Curio Shop
Languages spoken: English, German, Afrikaans


Food Drink

Homemade bread
Farm-style comfort food
South African wines



Waterhole near the lodge's terraces
Pool with shade area and sun loungers.
Shady Garden



4x4 self-drives
Mountain biking (bring own bike)
Wildlife observation
Bird watching
Fossil Tour
Sun downer drives
Trips to a spring
Self-drive trips to the famous Sossusvlei
Visit to a nearby wine farm



Pets only allowed at camp sites.

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