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Wild Wednesday – 2014/12/02

Wild Wednesday – 2014/12/02

Crow attacks and rides eagle…

Is this real or fake? Watch this space to find out or give your opinion in the comments below…

When we first saw this, we were sure it was a hoax but in truth, this sequence of pics were taken last December in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. The park is between South Africa and Botswana. The sequence of pics show a Cape crow latching onto the back of a tawny eagle.

“A pair of Cape crows had been harassing the eagle for a while, pecking at it on the ground. When the eagle flew off, the crows followed [and] this one managed to land on the back of the eagle, and get a good enough grip to continue to peck at [it] in flight,” explains photographer Barry Scott.

“The eagle flew on for a while with the crow attached, until it managed to dislodge it and fly off into the distance,” he added.

What made the crow do this isn’t clear, however, crows are known for pestering eagles.

Shannon Hoffman from the African Bird of Prey Sanctuary in South Africa says that crows are the gangsters of the bird world and often bother owls, eagles and others seemingly just for the heck of it. She adds that while it is possible the crow was displaying territorial behaviour, it were more than likely just being a pest.

In this scenario though, the crow had the eagle beat, if only for a few moments.

“Think of an aerial dogfight – the person at the top has the upper hand!” Hoffman laughs.  

You can see the whole photo sequence here and give us some feedback…


crows riding eagles

Image Credit: Barry Scott

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