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Wild Wednesday – 2014/12/10

Wild Wednesday – 2014/12/10

Wild Wednesdays here at are about letting your hair down, taking a middle of the week breather and taking a moment to to reflect. We’ll be posting videos, pics, whatever seems like fun and encourage you to join us on our Wild Wednesday adventure. Share with your friends and we look forward to sharing the fun with you.

The prevalence of twins among elephants is said to be exceedingly rare, with studies suggesting it occurs 0.5 percent of the time. Dr. Ian Whyte, an elephant specialist who worked in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, said in a press release, “Though a few cases of twinning have been reported in the Kruger National Park, an examination of the reproductive tracts of over 1200 adult cows culled in the Kruger National Park during population control operations did not yield a single case of twins.”

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