Romantic Breaks in Magical Namibia

Romantic Breaks in Magical Namibia

There is something mystical and magical about Africa, and Namibia has to be one of the most evocative countries of all. This is a landscape far removed from home, one of vast deserts and amazing landscapes, and the wilderness of the place lends itself perfectly to a unique and wonderful romantic break for two. At Book Namibia, the leading resource for travel information and advice in the country, we have the perfect suggestion if you want to experience the true romance of Namibia.

Romantic Breaks

Hohenstein Lodge is a beautiful place to stay in the wonderful mountain region, and on day one of your stay at this comfortable example of Namibia accommodation you take a trip to the amazing Boulder Forest where you are surrounded by astonishing rock formations and where you will also see locals who sweep the slopes for precious stones for a living. Such an experience is something that cannot be replicated elsewhere, and we strongly recommend you make it part of your trip. Day two takes you to the stunning Etemba, where you can spend time alone hiking and walking in the mountains and perhaps see ancient bush art, and enjoy al fresco dining in the evening back at the camp.

At Book Namibia we have information on the best things to see and do when in Namibia, and we do our best to include all the links you need to book the most amazing holiday you will ever enjoy. Our essential travel tips need to be taken on board by anyone visiting the country if you are to get the best out of your visit, and we also have details of the best accommodation across the country. Why not have a closer look at Book Namibia and see just what this wonderful country has to offer.

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