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Africat Foundation

Wildlife and Nature | Otjiwarongo & Surrounds

Conserving Namibia's Large Carnivores

The AfriCat Foundation is a leading force in the conservation of large carnivores in Namibia, located in the heart of the country. This organization stands at the frontier of preserving the delicate balance between human communities and the wildlife that inhabit the vast landscapes of Namibia, especially focusing on the large carnivore population such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, and hyenas.

AfriCat’s mission extends beyond conservation. They strive to educate both the younger generation and young farmers about the importance of preserving natural habitats and the role of large carnivores in the ecosystem. They promote strategies like improving farming and livestock management methods, fostering a greater tolerance towards carnivores, and encouraging non-consumer based tourism, such as photographic safari lodges.

In the face of challenges like unpredictable weather patterns, competition for grazing land, and conflict between humans and animals, AfriCat has committed itself to research and education. They employ methods such as satellite tracking to monitor the movement patterns of carnivores and gather crucial environmental information. The AfriCat Foundation’s operations are centered in two distinct geographical areas within Namibia, one of which is Okonjima, a 22,000-hectare private nature reserve.

Visiting Okonjima offers a unique insight into the world of wildlife conservation. By choosing AfriCat, visitors can contribute to the preservation of Namibia’s precious large carnivores while enjoying an unforgettable safari experience. AfriCat is more than just a conservation organization; it is a bridge between humans and nature in the beautiful landscapes of Namibia.




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