Climate of Namibia: Namibia is the most arid country in Southern Africa and has a dry climate typical of a semi-desert country.  Summer months occur from October to April and winter months from May to September.  Rainfall generally occurs from the months of November to March and is normally of short duration.  Days are generally warm to very hot throughout the year.  Winter nights can be very cold to freezing particularly in the Southern Region.  It is advisable for tourists to pack clothing for both warm and cold weather and exercise caution when out in the sun.

Average summer temperatures range from 20 deg C to 35 deg C during the day.  However temperatures above 40 deg C are often recorded in the Southern Region and extreme North of the country.  Average winter temperatures range from 18 deg C to 24 deg C during the day whilst night temperatures drop to freezing.

If travelling during the summer months you may want to stay at lodges in Namibia with air conditioning as the nights can often be hot as well.

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