Health / Malaria

Health / Malaria

Your health and Malaria in Namibia – tips to prevent getting malaria.

The majority of Namibia poses no malaria risk at all however the northern region  above  Etosha National Park as well as the Kavango and Zambezi  is a malaria area especially during the summer months. It is advisable to take prophylactics – please consult your doctor or pharmacy on the correct prophylactics for the specific area of entry.

Care should be taken to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by covering up with long trousers or loose fitting long sleeved shirts in the evenings, using an anti-mosquito/insect repellant and sleeping under a mosquito net.

It is advisable to take out medical insurance. Medical services are generally of a high standard in Namibia but are restricted to the main towns. Emergencies or accidents that occur in remote areas can be expensive when transport to one of the main towns is required.

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