Desert Dunes & Dust Tours

Namib Desert | Swakopmund

Desert Dunes & Dust Tours

Namib Desert | Swakopmund

Experience Namibia: Unforgettable Namib Desert Dune Tours

Desert, Dunes & Dust Tours, based in Swakopmund, Namibia, specializes in providing remarkable experiences through their Sandwich Harbour 4×4 and Welwitschia tours. They offer the ultimate 4×4 experience, allowing visitors to truly ‘taste and feel’ the desert, and explore the natural beauty that Namibia has to offer​.

Their experienced guides, all trained in-house, are passionate about sharing their knowledge of the country’s history, birdlife, animal life, insects, reptiles, and plant life. Guests can enjoy the breathtaking scenery, including beautiful dune views, pink salt lakes, and diverse wildlife, including flamingos, pelicans, and other migratory birds. The tours are inclusive of snacks and refreshments, ensuring a comfortable and memorable journey for all guests​.

Desert, Dunes & Dust Tours offers various tour options, including half-day, full-day, self-drive, and combo tours. The company prides itself on their excellent service and the unforgettable experiences they provide. Tours are tailored to the interests of birders, photographers, and nature lovers, promising an enriching experience for all who join​.

The company also offers specialized tours and trips on request, showcasing their commitment to accommodating the unique needs and interests of their clients. Whether you’re interested in exploring lodges, embarking on camping trips, or engaging in a range of activities, Desert, Dunes & Dust Tours is ready to facilitate your adventure in Namibia. Pick Ups can be arranged from your accommodation.


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