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Skeleton Coast Safaris

Fly-In Safaris | Namibia

Experience the best of Namibia with Skeleton Coast Fly-in Safaris

Skeleton Coast Safaris offer unique fly-in desert safari experiences across Namibia. It all started in 1977 when the founder of Skeleton Coast Fly-in Safaris started taking safari groups into this vast and untouched wilderness known as the Skeleton Coast National Park. The Skeleton Coast is located in the northwestern region of Namibia. It forms part of the northern part of the Namib Desert. It is one of the most isolated and untouched coastlines globally and remains unspoilt and unexplored. Large amounts of this fascinating area have never seen the presence of man. Skeleton Coast Safaris offers guests the unique opportunity of experiencing a Skeleton Coast Fly-in Safari.

Exclusive camps consist of fully-equipped tented desert camps for Skeleton Coast Safaris’ guests. The first camp is located in the lower reaches of the Huab River in Damaraland. The second camp is positioned on top of a sweeping ridge offering views of the Hoarusib Valley in Kaokoland in the Kunene region of Namibia. The third camp lies on the Namibian border overlooking the Kunene River. Guests fly into these camps as part of their Skeleton Coast fly-in safari. At the centres, there are numerous activities on offer. Your itinerary includes encounters with the Himba people in Kaokoland, possible viewings of the endangered black rhino and desert-adapted elephant. Get up close and see the fascinating ‘fossil’ tree which can live up to 1500 years old – the Welwitschia. Guests are taken on 4×4 drives into some of Namibia’s most inhospitable and rugged areas. Much of this region remains very much unexplored and untouched.

Guests also can combine their fly-in safari to Namibia with other attractions such as Etosha National Park and Sossusvlei. The NamibRand Nature Reserve and the Bogenfels rock arch near Lüderitz are best viewed from above. Skeleton Coast Safaris can plan the perfect fly-in itinerary for you.

Your Namibia fly-in Safari promises to show you some of the African continent’s most spectacular and pristine wilderness areas. It is an experience of a lifetime that will stay with you for a very long time. Enquire now.



Double or Twin Beds
Wood-burning Stove
Private Deck



Ensuite Bathroom
Indoor Shower


Food Drink

On-site Restaurant
Lounge and Dining Area



Game Drives
River Excursions
Beach Picnics


Media Technology

Wi-Fi Available (Often Intermittent Due to Remote Location)

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