Etendeka Walking Trail

Hiking and Walking | Damaraland

Etendeka Walking Trail

Hiking and Walking | Damaraland

Explore Namibia's Wilderness Through Footsteps

Etendeka Mountain Camp provides a unique opportunity to explore the untouched landscapes of Namibia’s Kaokoveld wilderness. This remote conservation area, nestled in the foothills of the Grootberg Massif, offers an authentic and exhilarating engagement with nature, guided by some of Namibia’s most experienced and knowledgeable guides. The services provided by Etendeka Lodge Company and the Etendeka Community Trust include tours & safaris and accommodation that lets you sleep under the starlit skies of Namibia, immersing you in the raw beauty of the landscape.

The Etendeka Walking & Hiking Trail Experience is a new offering that allows you to experience the area’s stark beauty on foot. As you trek through one of the most remote landscapes in Namibia, you encounter never-ending vistas of ancient rock formations and track through dry river beds shaded by Mopani trees. You may also spot indigenous animal, bird, and plant species, including the rare desert-adapted Elephant and Black Rhino.

The unique camps Etendeka provides emphasise a ‘back to basics’ wilderness encounter with simple comfort in a rugged and harsh landscape. The two rustic overnight camps provide elevated sleeping platforms under the open skies, with amenities such as comfortable beds, linen sheets, down duvets, and attached toilets. The camps also offer wholesome meals cooked over open fires, with guides serving as hosts and companions.

Etendeka’s location in Namibia is not merely a place of accommodation or a starting point for tours and safaris. It is a doorway to an otherworldly experience, filled with desert life, crystalline quartz formations, and opportunities for stargazing under unusually night skies.



Sleeping Platforms Raised off the Ground
Comfortable Beds
Linen Sheets
Down Duvet
Attached Toilets



Toilet and Basin Attached to the Platform
Open-air Bathrooms with Bucket Shower


Food Drink

Wholesome Meals Cooked Over Open Fire


Media Technology

Not Available

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