Conservation and Wildlife in Namibia

Conservation and Wildlife in Namibia

Are you an animal lover, looking for a holiday where you can see rare, exotic animals in their natural habitat? If so, we can recommend you take a trip to Namibia, one of the most beautiful and mysterious of all African nations. Located on the West Coast with a stunning Atlantic Ocean coastline – great if you want to spend some time on the beach – Namibia is also home to some of the most important conservation schemes in the world, and has a large colony of the most elusive of the African Big Cats, the Leopard.

There are many safari areas and wildlife sanctuaries where you can see leopards up close and witness the conservation programmes in full swing – you can even get involved in some cases if you wish – and some also offer you the opportunity to visit a genuine ancient nomadic tribe, living life as they have for hundreds of years. At Book Namibia we can help you find the best tour operators for you, we can provide you with general advice on travel in Namibia, and we can also show you where to go for the very best in wildlife spotting.

It’s not only Leopards that get the benefit of care in Namibia; the country has an important Vulture population, with which the ecosystem would not function properly. Also, the wild Horses of the Namib Desert are a popular attraction, and at Book Namibia we can offer you all the advice you need on visiting these, and on many other exciting and unique attractions. Namibia is a wonderful place to experience, and remains largely undeveloped, so have a closer look at the Book Namibia website for all the information you could possibly need on conservation safaris and other superb attractions in this quite spectacular place.

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