Exciting Namibia – An Introduction to Africa

Exciting Namibia – An Introduction to Africa

There are some quite amazing countries in Africa that are waiting for you to explore, although it’s likely you think you can’t afford to go there. The truth is that where once a holiday on this astonishing continent was only for the very rich it is now available for all budgets, and If you are looking for an introduction to Africa you should seriously consider a safari to Namibia. Located in the south west of the continent with a glorious Atlantic Ocean coastline, this very beautiful country offers a very real opportunity to discover what it is that makes Africa special.

With vast, sprawling deserts that are home to the highest sand dunes in the world and fabulous game reserves where you can watch exotic and endangered animals in their natural habitat there is much to recommend in Namibia, and there are plenty of available day trips in Namibia to keep all the family entertained. Take a safari in one of the National Parks and you will likely see elephants wandering around, perhaps lions and leopards, and maybe even the rare and endangered rhinoceros, as well as many other mammals, reptiles and birds that are unique to the country. It’s an experience you will never forget, and one that all ages will enjoy.

Accommodation in Namibia is plentiful and impressive – there is a wide variety of places to stay when visiting Namibia. Choose from fine hotels or luxury lodges in the most wonderful towns and cities or self catering lodges in some fabulous locations – and the restaurants serve fantastic local cuisine that is a delight to sample. Enjoy a drink in one of the many bars, take a stroll around the shops and explore the colonial architecture – Namibia has it all, and the weather is guaranteed to be beautiful. This is a real chance to experience the unspoilt Africa, and with so many packages and deals available, you should take a closer look and see how you can enjoy beautiful Namibia.

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