Explore Namibia’s Mysterious Past

Explore Namibia’s Mysterious Past

If you are looking for reasons why you should choose Namibia as your African destination we can offer you many; the stunning unspoilt landscape of the Namib Desert, the wonderful weather, the friendly locals and a choice of amazing accommodation are a few, but at Book Namibia we like to go that extra mile and show you something fresh and unique. The history of Namibia is an interesting and varied tale of ups and downs, and nothing illustrates this as well as the rise and fall of the diamond mines.

At Kolmanskop, a desert dwelling that now lies abandoned and decaying, you can take an exciting Ghost Town tour through what was once a thriving mining community, and learn about the turbulent times experienced here in a seemingly uninhabitable spot in the desert. It’s a fascinating experience that gives you a real glimpse of what life must have been like for those prospectors during the diamond rush, and allows you to experience a world that has long been forgotten. With daily tours of this fascinating place – and the chance to enjoy a drink in The Tavern at the end of the tour – we can strongly recommend it.

The Kolmanskop Ghost Town tour is just one of many such adventures that we can tell you about at Book Namibia, and we are the number one resource for information on travel in the country, accommodation options and what to do. We also offer information on car and 4×4 hire – essential if you are to venture into the desert region where roads are few and far between – and have access to the best in tour operators and travel agents dealing in Namibia. Have a look at the resources available at Book Namibia, and find the right people to book your holiday in this amazing place.

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