Food and Fun in Spectacular Namibia

Food and Fun in Spectacular Namibia

Africa is continent of many contrasts, and when it comes to culture, one of a wide variety of colonial influences. Namibia, for example, displays the influence of the German colonization of the 19th century, and n more so than in its fine cuisine. Indeed, as with all African nations, food is a major part of the culture of Namibia, and there are many fine restaurants in the capital – Windhoek – and elsewhere where visitors can enjoy local cuisine cooked in the traditional fashion, as well as fine wine grown and made in the country.

At Book Namibia we have a comprehensive resource covering all aspects of travel in the country, and we offer a full menu of information on travel tips plus access to the best tour operators, vehicle hire providers and available activities. We are the go to place for anyone looking to visit this wonderful, mystical country, and you will find an excellent section dedicated to information on the best restaurants, bistros and cafes across Namibia. With a mix of local game and seafood dishes making up the Namibian choice of cuisine you are treated to some delightful flavours wherever you choose to eat, and we list everything from award-winning restaurants to quirky bistros with local beers.

Namibia is a wonderful place to experience and offers a rare chance to take a safari in a truly unspoiled country, and we can help you with all your travel advice and point you in the direction of the best tour operators and other helpful information. We are the acknowledged experts on travel to Namibia and are an essential resource if you are travelling to this amazing place, so why not check out Book Namibia now for all you need to know about enjoying your time in one of the most wonderful of African destinations.

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