Lüderitz Speed Challenge

Lüderitz Speed Challenge

The Lüderitz Speed Challenge is an annual event held in the town of Lüderitz since 2007 with 33 competitors from all around the world participating. The opening ceremony of this event took place yesterday at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel with the mayor of Lüderitz, Suzan Ndjaleka and the Honourable Jerry Ekhandjo, Minister of Youth, Sport & Culture officiating the event. To date this event has produced 11 world and 64 national records and is considered one of the most prestigious water sport competitions ever. The event will run from the 6th of October to the 2nd of November.

Actual challenges commence tomorrow. Kiteboarders and windsurfers will see a new and improved speed strip, based on feedback from competitors. Competitors compete on a special man-made canal and the goal is to record faster speeds in less wind power.

Basically, competitors sail over a 500 m distance during which average speed is determined. Two high precision cameras are placed at the start and finish lines and these monitor and record speeds. At the end of a competitors run a display indicates the riders average speed and ranking.

Namibia’s participant, Matthias Rottcher will be hoping to smash some records. Good luck Matthias.

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