Namibia – Your First Choice for an African Adventure

Namibia – Your First Choice for an African Adventure

There are many countries in Africa that are well worth a visit, but for sheer splendour, diversity and a sense of seeing the ‘real’ Africa, we believe Namibia can’t be beaten. Few places on Earth offer as diverse a landscape as Namibia, and at Book Namibia we can show you the many different aspects of the country we love. We are not a tour operator; we are the leading provider of Namibia tourist information and provide information on how to get here, where to stay and what to do.

If you want a beach holiday there are plenty of resorts along the Atlantic Ocean coast, but for us that is just the beginning of what Namibia is all about. Take the astonishing Namib Desert; reputedly the oldest in the world, and with the tallest sand dunes on the planet, the desert is like nowhere else, and Book Namibia can put you in touch with an exclusive tour operator that can take you to the parts that are restricted to only a few visitors a year. This really is a unique experience and one not to be missed.

Then there is the amazing and quite spectacular Etosha National Park; centred around a salt pan so large it can be seen from space – and which provides nutrients that lead to such as the biggest elephants in all of Africa inhabiting the park – the Etosha is where you can see a wealth or rare and exotic animals, birds and plants in a natural, unspoiled environment, and it is a truly wonderful and memorable place to visit. Check out Book Namibia for all the information you need on visiting this wonderful country, and book yourself a fabulous, unforgettable African adventure that all the family will be thrilled by.

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