Discover Conservation in Namibia

Discover Conservation in Namibia

Conservation is a major business across Africa, especially where endangered species are concerned, and nowhere is this more evident than in Namibia. Namibia is home to one of the major conservation programmes for the Cheetah – perhaps the most fascinating of all the African big cats – and you can enjoy their work when you visit this most spectacular country. The Cheetah Conservation Fund has developed a Research and Education Centre, right in the middle of the main cheetah areas, and here you can take a rare opportunity to see these wonderful animals in their natural habitat.

Take a tour of the facility and see cheetahs in action – adults and children alike will enjoy what is an enlightening experience – and learn about this fascinating animal and its habits and life. At Book Namibia, the leading resource on travel in Namibia, we have full details of this conservation programme and many others that are in operation within the country, and we encourage visitors to enjoy the opportunity to see this work in action, and to help keep Namibia as unspoilt and natural as possible for future generations to also enjoy.

That’s not all there is to Namibia, however, and Book Namibia has full details of everything you need to know about travelling in this amazing country. We have details of accommodation across the country, information on activities you can enjoy, details of car and 4×4 hire and tour operators, and also general advice on essential tips when taking a trip to our favourite country. There is so much to experience here, and it will be a world away from what you know at home, so take a tour of the Book Namibia website right now, and learn about the many attractions in Namibia, then book yourself a dream holiday in one of the most magical places of all.


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