Essential Tips When Travelling in Namibia

Essential Tips When Travelling in Namibia

Travelling in an unfamiliar country can be daunting, so it pays to be aware of any information and handy tips that may be of use. Namibia, a beautiful country with a stunning Atlantic Ocean coastline and some wonderful features, may seem alien in many ways to first time visitors, so Book Namibia has put together a handy information resource covering everything you need to know about visiting this amazing place. We cover all areas from currency to climate, and rest assured, this quite glorious country is inherently safe and welcomes visitors.

One area of concern to tourists visiting Africa is that of health; malaria is a problem in some African countries, but apart from some areas in the north, Namibia is free of malaria. It is, however, advisable to ensure you have medical insurance, and that you have taken any recommended pre-emptive injections before visiting. In the towns and cities, and in most accommodation, tap water is safe to drink – if not, it will be indicated – although thanks to the hot weather it is strongly advised that, when travelling, you take bottled water with you in sufficient quantities.

Namibian commerce deals in the Namibian Dollar, and this is the only currency accepted within the country. There is a full network of ATM points, and all major credit cards will be accepted. For most western visitors a visa is not required; a valid passport – and a return ticket – are requirements of entry, and you will find the process simple. Namibia is a beautiful country that has plenty to offer the tourist, and at Book Namibia we are here to help you find the right tour operator, car hire company or accommodation – and much more besides – to ensure that your visit to our favourite country is as enjoyable and memorable as can be.

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