Fine Wine and Great Food in Namibia

Fine Wine and Great Food in Namibia

Across Africa you will find that food is very much a part of the local culture, and nowhere is this more evident than in the fabulous country of Namibia. This glorious, mysterious and very wonderful place has a long history of fine, unique cuisine, and it is on offer in many excellent restaurants throughout the country. At Book Namibia, the leading resource for tourists looking to visit our fine country, we have put together information on where you can enjoy some of the finest food and wine, and we can’t recommend it highly enough1

Game is popular in Namibia – especially the delicious Oryx and Kudu – and there is a local tradition of fine vegetable dishes, so the vegetarians among your party will not be disappointed. In the coastal regions seafood dishes are a must, and the sheer variety of dishes on offer reflects the many different cultures that have left their mark on the Namibian way of life. We recommend you try Windhoek, the capital, for the best in fine wines – some of Africa’s finest are made in the region – and also for some of the finest restaurants in Africa,

At Book Namibia we are here to help you enjoy your trip to our country, and we have done all we can to include information that will enable you to get the best out of your holiday. We have details on the leading tour operators, car hire companies, activities and accommodation – as well as general travel information that we recommend you read before embarking – and we believe we are the place to come for the very best information on visiting Namibia. Check out the website now and you will find out what a fantastic place this is, then book a dream holiday for you and your family that will leave you with wonderful memories.

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