Essential Travel Information When Visiting Namibia

Essential Travel Information When Visiting Namibia

In recent years Africa has become an increasingly popular destination for holidaymakers, especially those seeing either a safari adventure or a luxury beach holiday. Many countries on this wonderful continent remain relatively unspoilt – and there can be dangers present if you are not familiar with the customs of different countries – yet most are now visited on a regular basis. At Book Namibia we have put together an essential travel resource that should be read by anyone wishing to visit what is one of the most spectacular countries on the continent, and we are happy to pass on our knowledge and experience to you.

As we know Namibia so well we have collected the names and contact details of all the tour operators, safari operators, 4×4 car hire companies and accommodation providers, and we believe that, as a result, we are the best site for information on where to stay, what to do and how to get to Namibia. In additional we offer a comprehensive range of activities in Namibia. We are not a booking site as such, but we point you in the right direction to find the best people for an enjoyable and exciting holiday in our favourite place, and for everything you need to know.

We have vital information on drinking water, safety and security, health risks and currencies to carry, and we are happy to provide what must be the most comprehensive guide to tourism in Namibia on the internet. We recommend you read our site thoroughly before embarking on your journey, and guarantee that it will be an adventure to a place the likes of which you have never seen before. Visit wild, wonderful Namibia now before it succumbs to the inevitable development, and let Book Namibia guide you towards the best of all worlds in what is a unique place to experience in every possible way.

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