Fine Food and Wine in Namibia

Fine Food and Wine in Namibia

We know that fine dining is not likely to be the first thing that springs to mind when considering Namibia for a holiday; you are more than likely thinking about a safari or other adventure, rather than the unique culinary delights that await you in Windhoek, the charming capital, and many other towns through the company. At Book Namibia we have more experience of the delights on offer in this amazing place than anyone, and we can put you in touch with the best tour operators and also recommend the finest places to eat.

Namibia is famed for its food and local game dishes, especially Oryx and Kudu which can be found on offer in some of the finest of restaurants, and along the coast you may also find exquisite seafood restaurants offering a variety of local cuisine and unique dishes. Wine is likely to be from some of the finest South African wineries – which are world-renowned and highly recommended – while the choice of local and international dishes can’t be faulted in the likes of the famous Casa Forno restaurant, to the north of the country and with a string reputation for excellent meals.

In Windhoek itself Book Namibia recommends Am Weinberg, a fine example of top quality dining where you can enjoy some of the most impressive local cooking of all. This friendly and classy place is popular with tourists and locals, and cannot be beaten for atmosphere and the quality of its cooking. Trying authentic local food is a special part of any holiday, and in Namibia the unique nature of the dishes makes it even more so. Check out the dining section on the Book Namibia website for more information on great places to eat and drink, and enjoy the benefit our expertise during your stay.

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