Mount Etjo Safari Lodge & Okonjati Game Reserve

Mount Etjo Safari Lodge & Okonjati Game Reserve

Mount Etjo Safari Lodge has been the heart of Okonjati Game Reserve since 1975. They offer more than just a place to stay but a refuge, which is what ‘Etjo’ means.Travellers will always leave with his heart, mind and soul at rest, having found a natural sanctuary in the tranquil surroundings of Mount Etjo Safari Lodge.

The bird life is amazing and the gardens are beautiful with enormous palm trees, grass fields and a flamingo pond.

The lodge faces a lake where animals quench their thirst and hippos wallow in the cool water. In the distance, Mount Etjo mountain completes the scenery.

The Okonjati Game Reserve was founded by Jan Oelofse during 1975. Today, it is home to close to 6000 wild animals who freely roam 60 000 acres of land. You will find animals that are typical to Namibian landscapes like Kudu, Springbok, Gemsbok as well as Impala. There is also the Hartmann Zebra as well as the Damaraland Dik-Dik. Many rare species will capture your attention too, such as the Black Rhino, the Sable, the Roan, Lechwe and Nyala. You may even see elephants, white rhinos and hippos. The birds and smaller critters contribute to a really healthy and balance ecosystem.

The flora at Okonjati Game Reserve is unique and varies substantially within the reserve and during seasons. Lush colours burst forth during the rainy seasons, and tall honey-coloured grass during the autumn and winter. The landscape is always wondrous and never fails to amaze.

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