Take the road less travelled to explore Namibia

Take the road less travelled to explore Namibia

The team at Book Namibia offer an ultimate source of information regarding accommodation in Namibia on a website that is all-inclusive of the many faces of one of the most highly rated holiday destinations in Africa.  If you like to plan your holidays in minute detail, Book Namibia is the first stop along the way, guiding you with basic travel tips, best places to eat or even connecting you to tour operators or 4×4 car hire.

If you are planning to take the beaten track through Namibia, our website is the best source for a comprehensive look at every nook and cranny in a country that even by African standards is considered immense. There are many very small towns that you might just miss if you are in too much of a rush and each contains a gem worth exploring.  A visit to the tiny settlement of Solitaire is well worth a stay for the night, even if it is just to feast on the most mouth watering Apple Strudel at Big Moose’s Bakery. With accommodation, a filling station and a small shop surrounded by lovely accommodation, it gives you a taste of what it must have been like when it was born as just a cottage back in 1948.

Travelling up north from Solitaire will take you to Gobabeb, which is where the Gobabeb Research and Training centre is situated.  It is fascinating to learn about the history of this remote research station that was founded by Dr. Charles Koch in 1962 who set his caravan in the middle of nowhere to follow his passion for entomology.  Since then, Gobabeb has grown into an international centre for dry land training and research. Walking through the library that contains notes and findings of many researchers through the years who have followed in the footsteps of this pioneer is like taking a step back in time.

Book Namibia will point you in the right direction for accommodation in Namibia if you choose the road less travelled through the vast expanse of this constantly shifting land of contrasts, we have no doubt that you will find another thousand things to do in our beautiful country. You are also able to enquire and book all of your activities in Namibia – from hot air ballooning to guided 4×4 tours through the Namib Desert.

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