Plan your accommodation in Namibia and visit the breathtaking Dune 45

Plan your accommodation in Namibia and visit the breathtaking Dune 45

Dune 45 Namibia

We know that there is just so many things to do in Namibia that spending hours searching for the right accommodation can be a real challenge, especially with the many beautiful destinations in this vast land. What Book Namibia has done is to put all the information regarding accommodation in Nambia in one place on our website!  We love Namibia and want to make it as easy as possible for you to visit our beautiful country.

Namibia has the greatest percentage of repeat visitors to any one country in Africa and no matter which road or direction you choose, there will always be something spectacular waiting for you at your destination.

If you have chosen the vastness of the Namib Desert as your destination, not that there can be any real destination in such a vast desert, then Dune 45 is a must. Dune 45 carries its name due to its proximity to Sesriem Gate which is situated exactly 45km from this magnificent Dune. The Dune is one of the most photographed dunes in the world because of its beautiful shape, as well as for the easy access to it.

If you are planning on adding Dune 45 to your itinerary on your journey through the Namib Desert, you have a variety of choices for accommodation ranging from camping and mid-range lodges to luxury lodges for those who want to absorb the beauty of the desert in luxury.  Dune 45 is easily accessible using a 4×2 vehicle.

We suggest that you plan to leave as early as possible in the morning of the day you are visiting Dune 45 so that you get there in time for a sunrise that is spectacular.  Standing at the bottom of Dune 45 as you begin to climb up its ridge, that’s if you have decided to climb it, is daunting to say the least, but after ploughing to the top through sands that are 5 million years old, your breath will be taken away by the shifting colours that play across this expanse of desert from your bird’s eye view.

Dune 45 Accommodation

If you would like to find the best accommodation in the area surrounding Dune 45 you will find it all with Book Namibia, where our team constantly updates and offers the most comprehensive guide to accommodation in Nambia.

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