Visit the breathtaking land of immense contrasts where desert meets ocean in Namibia.

Visit the breathtaking land of immense contrasts where desert meets ocean in Namibia.

Namibia is a country that is considered to be one of the largest countries in Africa, even by African standards, rich in diamonds, wildlife and a horizon that never ends offering contrasts in terrain that cannot be found anywhere else in Africa.  This is the land where elephants, lions and rhino’s roam freely, and choosing the perfect holiday in Namibia is not easy with its rich tapestry of history entwined in a breathtaking country.

From Swakopmund and Lüderitz on the coast, zigzagging through to Windhoek and beyond to Otjiwarongo and Ondangwa, Namibia is steeped in history, with artifacts discovered at a site known as ‘Gemsbok’ near Oranjemund that date back as far as 800 000 years.  To the south lies Sossusvlei, with its large, white salt and clay pan surrounded by spectacular large red dunes and the eternal, ancient beauty of the Fish River Canyon.

The Skeleton Coast, or ‘the land God made in anger’ as the San (Bushman) people know it, is one of the harshest, wildest coastlines in Africa, home to over a thousand ships that met their end there. No matter what destination you choose in Namibia, there will always be so much more to discover in this sparsely populated and vast country.

To Namibians, who are well known for their hospitality, going the extra mile to make your visit to Namibia an unforgettable experience is as natural as breathing. The locals of any area have so much pride in the natural beauty that surrounds them that they want to share this passion for Namibia with anyone who chooses their awe-inspiring country as a holiday destination.

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