Take in the awe-inspiring magic of the ‘White Ghost’ Elephants and waterholes teaming with wildlife in Etosha National Park.

Take in the awe-inspiring magic of the ‘White Ghost’ Elephants and waterholes teaming with wildlife in Etosha National Park.

If you really want to discover the heartbeat of the wildlife in Namibia up close, Etosha is a destination that offers you a rich experience in getting really close to a proliferate wildlife in this magnificent region.  Although Etosha, meaning ‘place of dry water’ may seem like an expanse of dry desolation, spending the evening at a waterhole or going on a game drive will change your point of view completely.

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The mixture of wildlife, which includes the Big 4 (the buffalo lives further up in The Caprivi) is awe-inspiring in its contrasts of colour and the magic of seeing an eclectic variety of wildlife gathering in an explosion of activity with lions, Wildebeest and Eland that look like miniatures next to an elephant and the Giraffes that tower over them all.

It is the fun that Elephants have while wallowing in areas where the soil gets wet and cover themselves in mud that dries into a light white coat which has given rise to the name ‘White Ghosts of Etosha’, which is a sight you will see nowhere else in the world.  The wildlife and vast expanses draw photographers from all over the world, some of whom spend months on end capturing their perfect images.

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